Lior C.

A Team

“My name is Lior C., a full time real estate investor based in Richmond Hill. Real Estate investing is a lucrative business, at the same time as an investor you are likely to face many challenges. I have run into one of these challenges myself when I was trying to sell unsuccessfully one my investment properties in Barrie. Everything changed when I was introduced to the Peggy Hill Team and I can say in confidence they are the “A Team” the real deal. From the moment I met with Peggy I felt that I am in good hands and the Peggy Hill Team will be able to fulfill my needs and sell my property quickly and in the targeted sell price. I can’t say enough good words about professional and the exceptional customer service I have received from the Peggy Hill Team, open communication, fast response, addressing issues and great follow up from Skye, Donna and the rest of the team. If you need to sell your property in Barrie, there is only one place you need to call, it’s the Peggy Hill Team, you will not get disappointed.