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Take on this challenging real estate market with a top producing real estate team. Our team is dedicated to always Keeping It Real and providing unlimited opportunities. Our world-class administrative and marketing teams are behind you 24/7 to provide your clients with an incredible experience. Develop your skills with our exclusive training opportunities, and limitless earning potential!

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We’d love the opportunity to work with you, but there is a catch! Since we invest heavily in marketing systems and handing you as much leads and potential business as you can handle, take care of ALL administrative work, and spend heavily each month on branding that you can leverage - we don’t just hire anybody with a license!

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Message From Peggy Hill

As a team leader of experienced and top producing agents in a super challenging market, one of the questions I get asked often is “Why should I give up being an independent agent that runs my own business to work on someone else’s team?”

The primary reasons are quite simple actually:

  • a steady flow of leads (we do ALL the marketing, you just work the leads!)
  • a healthy net income (we cover 99% of your expenses!)
  • more freedom (our admin team does ALL the "dirty" work behind the scenes)
  • peer training and support (our top producers always share their tips & tricks)
  • unmatched internal culture (we are always there for you!)

Having a dedicated marketing team and budget in place vs having to pay for it out of your own pocket can be the difference between grinding to find your next deal or doing what you do best which is talking to qualified buyers and sellers DAILY. I of all people understand that the competition out there is extremely fierce and it’s not easy to be the leader in the market and stay front and center before potential clients... however we’ve discovered a formula that is providing agents the leads, income, consistency and freedom they’ve always desired!

If this sounds interesting to you then send us a message and let’s have a confidential discovery conversation.

P.S. Me and my team's goal is to relieve that pressure of where the next deal is coming from, inconsistency and fear of the massive competition agents are up against. We have the means, just see what our team has to say...