The buying Process

Start on your journey of buying your first home or simply buying your next one with The Peggy Hill Team! We offer a number of services for home buyers, such as a comprehensive buyer's guide, mortgage advice, help topics, listings, and more. Click any of the links below to get started.

Home Buying Guide

Your home is the single most important purchase that you will make. It will affect your family, your finances, and your lifestyle. Whether this is your first home purchase, or you're an experienced buyer, this decision must be made carefully.

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Mortgages are a very necessary and ever-changing part of buying a home. They are also a topic that most people aren't extremely well-versed in, but that's OK because we're here to help you learn more about how mortgages work and what route will be best for your specific situation.

Help Topics

New to buying or selling a home? We've gathered a collection of advice based articles designed to help you learn a little bit more about how it all works.