If you're new to the experience, the home loan process might seem daunting, but our agents are here to keep you well-informed every step of the way — starting from pre-approval all the way to the closing stage. Rest assured, we're dedicated to ensuring your understanding and comfort throughout.

Get Pre-Approval

Before you start looking for a home to buy, it’s a good idea to meet with your Loan Officer to get pre-approved for a loan amount. 

During this phase, the lender collects essential data regarding your income, assets, and debts as the borrower. This assessment aids in gauging the potential affordability of your future home. The process encompasses a credit report, W-2 forms, pay stubs, Federal Tax Returns, and recent bank statements. Given the array of available loan programs, it's vital to obtain pre-qualification for the precise programs that align with your requirements.


Start the Process

We can help you find the best local loan officer to get you competitive rates and the programs that best fit your individual needs. 

Count on us to assist you in locating the ideal local loan officer who can provide you with competitive rates and tailor-made programs that perfectly align with your unique requirements. Your financial journey is in capable hands.

Closing The Deal

The loan is approved and you get the keys. Congratulations, happy homeowner!

It's common to receive requests for supplementary documentation or clarifications during the process, so don't be taken aback. Upon approval of your loan, remember to arrange homeowners insurance. Your documents will be forwarded to the title company, where you'll finalize the new home purchase by signing and settling any outstanding expenses.