Why Should You Sell Your Home This Summer?

The summer season invites a red hot real estate market, both for sellers and buyers. Several factors seem to contribute to this, one of the significant aspects being the plentitude of sunshine that makes the exterior of most homes look brighter, fuller, and in most cases, more beautiful. 

However, pleasant curb appeal isn’t the only force that draws in buyers and convinces sellers to put their homes on the market. In most cases, the beginning of the summer season also aligns perfectly with the end of the school year, making it an ideal time for most families to sell and buy before the new school year begins. 

As the weather gets nicer, and gardens are in bloom, the summer season seems always to be the perfect time to sell your home. So if you’re curious about what else lies in your favour when selling your home in the summer months, be sure to keep reading. 

Optimal Convenience – In the summer months, the weather is almost always in your favour, making home showings a breeze. Also, with the kids out of school, you can create a more flexible schedule making it easy to prepare your home for selling or visit open houses. 

Faster Closings  In most cases, the closing process can take up to forty-five days. However, in the summer months, eager buyers seem to know exactly what they want and, in many cases, have already gained pre-approval for their mortgage financing. As a result, home shopping tends to become much easier and faster with buyers who know what they can afford.

Despite these factors, you know what’s best for your family and their needs. So even if summer may not be the best time for you to sell your home, it may be a good time to figure out your budget, find out if you will be able to qualify for a new mortgage, and if you can handle larger mortgage payments in the future. You’re never too late to plan and create the future you want!