Top Do’s & don’t when viewing a home (For a showing)

As a prospective buyer, the house-hunting process is undoubtedly one of the most exciting parts of searching for your dream home. As you enter a plentitude of homes and imagine beginning a new chapter in different properties, there are a few standard etiquettes to consider when attending a showing. An excellent way to prepare yourself for an ideal home showing is to remember: don’t do anything you would not want to be done in your own home!


Before you enter an open house or private showing with your agent, keep in mind a few of these common “do’s” which will help prepare you for an optimal home showing experience.

Arrive On Time – One of the most efficient ways to look professional and serious about being a potential buyer is by arriving at the showing on time. Tardiness can translate to a lack of care and might shine a bad light on you as a potential bidder. Instead, arrive on time and be prepared to immerse yourself in the showing process fully.

Be Mindful – Since you are visiting someone else’s house, try to be mindful of small formal etiquettes, such as taking off your shoes or applying hand sanitizer. If you are ever unsure if a seller requires you to take your shoes off or not, just ask! Not only does it show your appreciation, but it demonstrates your kindness.

Ask Plenty Of Questions – While your attention is fully set on the home you are viewing, specific questions might come to mind that you have never considered. For example, feel free to ask how old the house is, when the shingles were last replaced, or what the neighbours are like. Now is your time to find the best and most complete answers to all these questions.

Take A Peek In Every Room – Sometimes pictures don’t do a home justice. So, now’s your chance to get a closer look at different rooms, check closet sizes, and even confirm that all appliances are working (if they are included with the property). Of course, always be sure to ask first, but cabinets, linen closets, and light switches can usually be checked. However, avoid opening dresser drawers, nightstands, and medicine cabinets.


While visiting a showing, try and think of things you would want other people not to do if they were visiting your own home. Here are a few “don’ts” recommended to create a worry-free and seamless showing experience.

Use The Bathroom – Unless you are faced with an utter emergency, try and restrain yourself from using the bathroom. While you are welcome to check if faucets run correctly and ensure the toilet flushes properly, try and leave things just as you found them.

Bring Food Or Drink – Try and deter from bringing any food or drink into a showing as there is always a potential of spillage. Avoiding this creates a more pleasant and worry-free experience on both ends. Most times, agents or sellers might provide water at a showing, so you can have something to quench your thirst.

Negotiate While In A Showing – Try and avoid any negotiating conversations during a showing as it isn’t the time to discuss formal details. Instead, it is solely a chance to look and see what the home offers and understand what your options are.

Sellers: How To Create An Optimal Showing Experience  

As a seller, there are some ways to best prepare your home so potential buyers can see it in the best light possible and become aware of all the shining features your property has to offer. Additionally, creating an optimal experience for prospective buyers can heighten their chances of putting in an offer. Below are a few ways to prepare your home and create a pleasant viewing experience.

Clean The Hose From Top To Bottom – One of the simplest ways to make your home look and feel presentable is by cleaning your principal rooms and getting rid of clutter. Mop to create radiant floors and pull out the cleaning supplies to create gleaming windows. Fluff your couch cushions, and put the dishes away. The tidier your home can look, the more appealing it will be to viewers.

Create A Pleasant Curb Appeal – First impressions leave a lasting imprint, and creating an immaculate curb appeal will most definitely leave a positive image in the eyes of buyers. Consider maintaining your front garden and lawn, filling pots with blooming flowers, or hanging a wreath on your door.

Create An Ambience – Staging is a large part of creating an ideal showing experience. Consider turning on your fireplace or playing a soft jazz playlist. Staging wine glasses or dinner plates might allow buyers to envision a life in your home and make them more likely to put in an offer.

Provide Additional Information – If your home has an interesting history, it might be worth providing such information to prospective buyers. Additionally, it is always good to let visitors know about safety precautions such as a faulty step or unstable patio stone.

Most Importantly, Enjoy The Experience  

Whether you are a prospective buyer or an eager seller, showing and viewing a home is a stimulating experience for everyone involved. However, planning for your future takes time, and investing in searching for the perfect property is an excellent way to begin the process!