Tips For Spring Home Maintenance

That famous saying, out with the old and in with the new, seems to materialize at the start of each spring season. As the snow melts and plants begin to bloom again, a complete transition takes place both in our homes’ interior and exterior. To wash away the final remnants of winter, spring maintenance will have to come in full effect and take care of a few tasks to ensure your property is ready for transitioning into the new season.

Why Is Spring Home Maintenance Important?

Homeowning comes with an abundance of responsibilities, both inside and out of the property. Some of these obligations are unavoidable; however other costly commitments can be curved by completing small yearly tasks, such as spring maintenance. Keeping your home in the best shape possible and staying diligent with your duties each season can help avoid a plentitude of potential issues. Yearly maintenance is essential, and this is why:

Value – Even if you aren’t looking to sell your home now, you may consider it in the future. In this case, maintaining your property can help build the value of your home and prepare it for a possible sale.

Avoids Long-Term Finances – It is widely believed that the more work you do now, the less work you will have to do later. Luckily, this same rule applies to maintenance costs. Therefore, if you continue to upkeep your home on a seasonal basis, you will most likely avoid having to compile all these tasks and rank up a high maintenance bill.

Maintains Curb Appeal – Creating tidy front landscaping and keeping up with your home’s exterior each season will undoubtedly upgrade the initial impression of your home.

Know More Now, Worry Less Later – As you work through your seasonal maintenance, you may notice minor problems that need fixing. However, catching these issues earlier rather than later not only saves you time but also money.

Protecting Your Property – Staying up to date with your maintenance responsibilities gives your home an appealing look and keeps it protected from any natural threats. As a result, staying in tune with your interior and exterior provides you and your family with ultimate safety and security.

Spring Maintenance Tips For Your Interior

Before heading outdoors to get your hands dirty, work on some interior maintenance tasks and ensure that your home is entirely ready to take on the new season.

Search For Leaks Or Signs Of Mould – Take some time to inspect bathrooms, basements, windows, and places where water damage could have possibly occurred. Try and treat these issues as soon as possible, or if need be, contact a Mould Removal Service to help assist you.

Test Electrical Systems – Avoid future power outages and issues by testing your electrical panel.

Check Your AC/HVAC Systems – Before the heat waves arrive, ensure that your HVAC system is working correctly. If needed, change filters or have it serviced to prepare for a smooth transition from spring to summer.

Declutter Your Space – Spring cleaning is common for most homeowners as the warmer weather arrives. Deep clean your kitchen appliances, consider cleaning your upholstery or renting a carpet cleaner. Remove dust from every nook and cranny, and create a space that feels wholly rejuvenated.

Inspect Your Smoke Detectors & Carbon Monoxide Alarms – At the shift of every season, it is always great to double-check these devices and see if they need a battery change. Also, it’s a great idea to look at your fire extinguisher to ensure the pin is in place and that it is not expired.

Spring Maintenance Tips For Your Exterior

Now that the harsh winter has passed, the warmer weather can shine a light on any damages or issues caused by the previous season. So, choose a warmer spring day, and head outdoors to see how things have managed all winter long.

Investigate Your Roof – With the help of a family member or friend, climb up to your roof and search for any shingle damage or signs of leakage. Catching these issues earlier rather than later will help avoid a plenitude of headaches.

Clean Out Your Gutters – It is quite normal for your gutters to get clogged by the trees and bush that may surround your property, so removing any debris can help prevent future water damage.

Check Window & Door Seals – The cold weather affects our homes in many different ways, one of these being encouraging cracks in the caulking around our windows and doors. To avoid further damage to your property and electricity bills, inspect all seals.

Clean Your Patio/Deck- Before summer barbeques commence, take the time to wash down your patio furniture and maybe even power wash your deck. Minor maintenance like this does wonders in the long run for both the appearance of your outdoor items and their longevity. 

Fence Maintenance – Searching for signs of damage or unstable boards around your fence can help avoid issues as the summer months progress. If you have a furry friend or two, it is also essential to ensure there are no holes or spaces they can squeeze out of.

Inspect The Chimney – If you have a wood-burning stove or fireplace, check your chimney unit for any possible signs of blockage.

Examine Outside Faucets – Before turning on your lawn sprinkler systems to begin lawn maintenance, check your hose faucets for freeze damage. Also, ensure your hose is working correctly and doesn’t suffer from any holes or rot.

Even though some of these tasks seem tedious, you will thank yourself in the long run and be glad that your home is in tip-top shape for the start of the new season!