The colour trends to keep an eye on in 2022

We are just days away from bidding adieu to the rollercoaster year of 2021 and welcoming in a (fingers crossed) brighter 2022! With the new year comes exciting new colour trends to refresh and liven up your home.

The colour trends for 2022 seem to be focused on creating inviting and calming spaces perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation! Expect to see a lot of warm earthy tones in comforting hues and striking and sophisticated darker colours and black alternatives. Some designers and paint companies are even predicting a return of buttery soft and cheery yellows!

What are Earth Tones?

Simply put, Earth Tones are a range of colours that are found in nature. Popular options are various shades of brown and beige complemented with grays and soft blues and greens. Incorporating a splash of gold, rust, or muted orange can heighten the interest of the space, especially if you’ve stuck to a palette of grays and whites. Earth tones encourage relaxation and can be used in any room and with an array of styles. Behr, Benjamin Moore, and Dulux all chose earth-inspired greens as their colours of the year (“Breezeway,” “October Mist,” and “Olive Sprig,” respectively)

Moody Sophistication

Moody and sophisticated colours are also in, bringing a strong and refined comfort to the home. Options such as Behr’s “Cracked Pepper,” Benjamin Moore’s “Mysterious,” and Dulux’s “Onyx” are great options for introducing some intriguing glamour into your home. Each of these colours can be beautifully paired with Earth Tones, allowing your palette to flow seamlessly throughout.

Picking the Right Yellow

Yellows may be on their way back in with a mission to fill our homes with sunshine, but choosing the right yellow can be tricky. As with all colours, use a swatch to see how the colour changes throughout the day. Recommended soft yellows include Behr’s “Corn Stalk” and Benjamin Moore’s “Pale Moon.” If you want something a little brighter, try something comparable to Dulux’s “Yellow Coneflower,” but be prepared for a significant impact.