THE PHT PRESENTS DIY Christmas crafts!

Paper Bag Snowflakes

Sprinkle elements of Christmas spirit throughout your home with this easy and fun DIY paper bag Christmas star! This craft is easy to make using only three materials and will make any corner of your home feel festive.

Materials Needed

– 7 Paper Bags 

– Scissors 

– Hot Glue Gun


  1. Lay one of your paper bags flat with the bag’s fold facing down. 
  2. Use your hot glue gun and create the letter ‘T’ with the glue. 
  3. Stick another paper bag onto the glued bag and repeat this process with the six other bags. 
  4. Once the paper bags are glued together, take your scissors and make two triangle-shaped cuts on both sides of the bags. 
  5. Make four final cuts on each corner of the bags. 
  6. Then, opening from the top, watch your stacked paper bags transform into a snowflake.