Magical Floating Candles

Create a magical centrepiece for your Christmas dinner table spread with these unique floating candles.

Materials Needed

– 3 Clear Glass Cylinder Vases 

– One Package Of Clear Orbeez

– Plastic Holiday Ornaments

– 3 Floating Candles/Tea Lights


  1. Place one package of Orbeez into 1.5 cups of water and let soak for at least 3 hours or until they have formed into perfect spheres. 
  2. Fill the bottom of all your vases with one handful of Orbeez. 
  3. Then add a few of the Christmas ornaments right on top. 
  4. Add another handful of Orbeez and then more Christmas ornaments. 
  5. Complete this process until your vases are almost full. 
  6. Fill the rest of your vases with water and watch the Orbeez disappear. 
  7. Place your floating candles/tea lights at the top of your vases and admire your DIY magical floating candles.