Discover the natural treasures and recreational havens that Simcoe County has to offer. From tranquil lakeside retreats to bustling community hubs, Simcoe County’s diverse landscapes are adorned with picturesque parks that cater to every outdoor enthusiast’s dream. Whether you’re seeking serene waterfronts, vibrant playgrounds, scenic trails, or simply a breath of fresh air, this blog will unveil the top parks that capture the essence of this stunning county, inviting you to explore, unwind, and embrace the great outdoors like never before.

Sunnidale Park, Barrie

Sunnidale Park is a delightful destination in Barrie, boasting an expansive 48.6-acre expanse of open and shaded areas, perfect for walking, hiking, and biking enthusiasts. Beyond its recreational offerings, the park is a haven for nature lovers, featuring various gardens and trees. Whether you seek outdoor adventures or a serene escape surrounded by natural beauty, Sunnidale Park has something to offer everyone.

Bear Creek Eco Park, Barrie

Bear Creek Eco Park is a hidden gem, offering a captivating 1.3 KM trail adorned with limestone and boardwalks that wind gracefully alongside a serene marsh. For nature photographers and enthusiasts alike, the park presents many beautiful photo opportunities to capture the essence of wildlife and tranquil landscapes. With its peaceful ambiance, Bear Creek Eco Park promises an unforgettable experience for all who seek to connect with nature’s wonders.

Little Lake Park, Midland

Little Lake Park in Midland is a bustling hub of recreational activities! Adventure-seekers can indulge in the skate park, disc golf, baseball, tennis, curling, volleyball, biking, and basketball facilities. Nature enthusiasts can make the most of the beautiful beach and its 10-12 foot deep lake, perfect for swimming, kayaking, boating, and fishing. Little Lake Park promises an unforgettable experience whether you seek adventure or relaxation.

Centennial Park and Pavilion, Innisfil

Centennial Park and Pavilion in Innisfil is a serene conservation area offering a picturesque escape with winding nature trails that provide captivating views of a tranquil wetland. This park caters to furry companions with a gated off-leash dog area. Families with children can enjoy a lively jungle playground, while the expansive grassy expanse offers ample space for various sports and recreational activities. Centennial Park and Pavilion is a versatile destination that harmonizes natural beauty with modern amenities, making it a perfect retreat for all.

Optimist Harbourview Park, Collingwood

Optimist Harbourview Park in Collingwood offers a delightful blend of history, nature, and celebration. With its convenient boardwalk access, visitors can stroll along the picturesque waterfront, taking in the charming sights of shipyards and serene wetlands. The Collingwood Arboretum within the park offers a mix of nature trails, providing excellent opportunities for both hiking and biking amidst lush surroundings. Check out the brand new Awen’ Waterplay Park, featuring water attractions like waterfalls, an animal-themed splash pad, and convenient amenities, including restrooms, outdoor showers, and parking. The park is ideal for momentous occasions, such as weddings and special gatherings thanks to its enchanting ambiance and scenic backdrop.

Bass Lake Provincial Park, Orillia

Bass Lake Provincial Park in Orillia is a versatile haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering options for day trips and weekend getaways. Its allure lies in the perfect fusion of land and water activities. Visitors can relish the sandy beach and pristine lake, embracing the joys of swimming, boating, kayaking, and fishing. For those seeking adventure on the water, a rental shop provides opportunities to enjoy canoes or paddleboards. Whether arriving by car, RV, or with a tent, the park offers varied camping options complemented by spacious comfort stations. Bass Lake Provincial Park promises a well-rounded escape where natural beauty meets recreational possibilities, making it an ideal destination for both fleeting excursions and leisurely retreats.


Tyndale Park presents a delightful oasis with its expansive picnic area, inviting play space, and the lively ambiance of beach volleyball courts, all encompassed within impeccably maintained grounds. Situated by the serene Lake Simcoe, the park offers a tranquil escape where the comforting presence of mature trees embraces a vast grassland. Whether indulging in a leisurely picnic, engaging in playful activities, or simply basking in the natural beauty, Tyndale Park provides a harmonious blend of relaxation and recreation, making it a cherished destination for all seeking respite amid picturesque surroundings.

Port Severn Beach and Park

Port Severn Beach and Park is a welcoming haven catering to various interests. The park offers a free and refreshing splash pad, perfect for cooling off on warm days, while a well-equipped playground ensures endless fun for children. A cozy picnic area beckons for leisurely outdoor dining, and a convenient snack shop satisfies refreshment cravings. The park provides public dockage for those arriving by water, facilitating easy access and a seamless transition from land to water. Port Severn Beach and Park is a versatile destination that blends relaxation, recreation, and culinary delights for an all-encompassing lakeside experience.

Six Mile Lake

Six Mile Lake is a delightful family park with charm, nestled within a scenic landscape that captivates all who visit. With its inviting waterfront allure, the park boasts not just one but three sandy beaches that offer a picturesque retreat. Families can relish the perfect picnic spot and the joyous laughter of children playing in a dedicated playground. Six Mile Lake combines natural beauty with recreational amenities, making it a cherished destination for families seeking a serene escape by the water’s edge.

Heritage Park, Barrie

Nestled at the heart of downtown Barrie, Heritage Park is just steps away from the vibrant downtown strip. This cherished destination boasts a quintessential Barrie landmark—the iconic Heart Barrie sign—welcoming visitors to its enchanting embrace. A charming gazebo graces the lakeside, inviting contemplation and connection with the tranquil waters. One can follow the pathway through lush gardens with a picturesque marina, streams, and quaint bridges along the waterfront. Heritage Park transforms into an idyllic backdrop for perfect photo moments, capturing memories against the serene panorama. Beyond its visual allure, the park is ideal for special occasions, offering an enchanting setting that seamlessly blends natural beauty with urban charm.

Sunset Point Park

Nestled along the Collingwood waterfront, Sunset Point Park stands as an iconic destination, exuding the quintessential charm of the area. This cherished location holds a unique place for various occasions, offering a sweeping expanse of lush green space that beckons for strolls and picnics. Nearby, the Enviro-park adds an element of environmental appreciation to the experience. For those seeking active recreation, volleyball courts provide a spirited outlet. Nature enthusiasts can relish in the access to waterfront trails, offering a mesmerizing journey along the water’s edge. In its entirety, Sunset Point Park emerges as an embodiment of Collingwood’s scenic charm and community spirit, catering to diverse needs and fostering memorable moments.