Mike P. & Sonia S.

Portia is Incredible to Work With

We first met Portia Hammer in April 2019 when we were interested in a house that we just happened to come across. We didn’t end up getting the place, however she was wonderful to deal with. We used to have an agent that we used in Toronto, but figured it was time to change given we are now in the Simcoe area. We started looking again in Dec 2019 and decided that we were happy with Portia that one time and called her up. She is incredible to work with. She is pleasant, optimistic (not overly as she is real with you), knowledgeable and highly responsive. She really helped us along this sometimes painful yet happy journey. After a very short 2 months, we ended up closing on a property and are really happy with our end result. She helped to ensure she represented our best interests and helped with whatever we needed with the many contacts she has (i.e. inspector, mortgage, lawyer, etc.). We used a couple of her contacts for our lawyer and our mortgage broker and are really happy with those firms as well. Overall, Portia is an amazing sales rep and while we hope to stay where we are, we will definitely use her in the future and highly recommend others to use her.