Mike, Hannah, Charlotte & Brutus

Truly Grateful!

We would like to take this opportunity to a say a massive thank you to Peggy, Doug and all of the team. We heard a recent ad on the radio promoting the Peggy Hill Team and Peggy said how privileged she was of selling peoples home and letting her into there lives, we truly feel it should be the other way around. We feel totally privileged to have Peggy in our lives and for the fantastic, determination and hard work she and the rest of the team put into selling our house.

The lovely ladies on the admin team who kept us informed about every little detail and who took the time and patience to listen to us when we needed them too, i.e. when I cat got sprayed by a skunk 2 days before the open house. You kept us sane and focused and for that we are truly grateful.

It would be our pleasure to recommend your wonderful service and expertise to any and everyone we know. Again thank you so very, very much.