Lois & Trevor O.

Found our Forever Home

As a first time buyers we couldn’t have lucked out more than having Abbey McIntyre as our Agent. Abbey was so patient and helpful in finding the type of home we were looking for and answering any questions we had. Abbey would put our minds at ease if we lost on a bid due to Hot House Market, Abbey would email me the next day with new listings to go see if they fit our criteria. Abbey found our forever home and fought hard for us in getting the home we wanted at the budget we could afford and feel comfortable living in!! Trevor and I would strongly refer any agent working for the Peggy Hill team to be your Agent in finding your home. They work as a team in finding your dream home, if Abbey wasn’t available she would always have her team there to help. And vice versa there was always someone available to answer questions or show a listing. We’re so happy we chose The Peggy Hill Team and Abbey McIntyre was referred to us. Abbey McIntyre You Rock!! 🙂 Best Regards