Lane F.

Invaluable Insight and Knowledge

As a first time home buyer, I was apprehensive about the process of buying a house. Given I was on a tight budget and looking for both a good investment and somewhere to live, I thought I was in for a real challenge. However, after I contacted Kevin Dodds, everything went very smoothly. Kevin was able to identify the right houses for me. Anytime I messaged Kevin he promptly replied. Anytime I asked to see a house, he quickly scheduled a showing. Anytime I had a question, Kevin quickly found the answer. I soon found the house that was exactly what I wanted. After the purchase, the Peggy Hill team made the of the process simple as simple as possible. Thanks to them, I never felt overwhelmed with all of the different aspects of purchasing and moving into a new house. I would highly recommend Kevin and his team to anyone, especially those who are looking to purchase investment properties. Kevin has invaluable insight and knowledge into what makes a good investment property for each individual’s specific goals.