Ken & Patti K.

Portia went out of her way to keep our deal alive and thriving

My husband and myself recently purchased our new home though Portia Hammer…we had been wasting our time running around with 4 other realtors from Paisley to Severn for the last 2 years trying to find the right space to suit our unique needs. We are greatly impressed with the service Portia applied to our offer. She went out of her way to keep our deal alive and thriving (over a month). She was always on time and extremely professional but very accommodating and relaxed about all the bumps and hick-ups that came our way. That ‘Portia Magic’ certainly kept us moving safely toward our moving in date. She also set us up with Dave Skinner (CIBC a mortgage specialist) who is extremely competent and knowledgeable and without him this deal would have died. He got through our financing which I might add other financiers did not come close to the amount of dedication or determination that Dave used in our case he carefully escorted each step of the process and kept us so closely informed I really feel that he was so invested, it was as if he was one of us with his fingers crossed every second we were.

This adventure would not have a happy ending without each dedicated professional that we are so overjoyed to have met. Thanks to both of you. You’re by far the best real estate team I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. Thanks guys you’re the best!