Kathy and Loreen

Skye: A pleasure. Easy to access and always responds in time effective way! Great on the blackberry and that suits us fine! Never declined our request to see a listing and gets an A+ for available. Professional!

Peggy: Down to earth. Confident. Must be hard working to achieve what she has! Chose Peggy because her reputation of 1st in Barrie for years tells us she is winning- we want a wining team!

Donna: Had brief contact with her before we met Skye. Lovely. Hope I get to see more of her and Skye re Open Houses.

Doug: Seems like a great guy. Love the internal house pics! The camera and wide-angle 10-20mm lens give a nice perspective.

Marketing: WOW lots of exposure!! Overall we love what you have done.

Thank You for all you are doing.