Jude & Gordon H.

You truly are a very complete real estate company. You have it all.

I would like to compliment the Peggy Hill Team for such a fantastic job they did with setting our house up for sale.It began with the first meeting with your realtor, Abbey McIntyre.She was one of the three agents that we invited into our home to meet and decide who would best fulfil our needs as well as our trust. Abbey fit the bill perfectly. She led us through the process and was very patient with us as we are seniors and not too great on the computer. She walked us through everything needed.

Your stager was a godsend in helping us declutter and show our home at it’s best. The photographer did a remarkable job with the pictures. We are also buying a smaller home and I did remark to Abbey that the pictures displayed on the homes we were looking at in Sandy Cove in Innisfil were inferior compared to your photos. A lot of the times the viewing was a nice surprise as the pictures were not that impressive. Donna, Customer Client Care has been wonderful in answering all our questions and providing us with all the material we will need to complete our sale and move without a hitch.

You truly are a very complete real estate company. You have it all. Lists of recommended movers, lawyers, storage facilities etc. This all helps relieve the pressure as moving is very stressful situation.

I have already recommended your Company to some of our friends that are looking at selling in the next year or so and of course I have given them Abbey’s contact information.Thanks to all the team at Peggy Hill. You have made this selling/buying experience a little less overwhelming than it is.