Jan & Paul W.

Our move is HUGE! We are leaving Burlington, Ontario and moving to the Horseshoe Valley area in the town of Criaghurst. The move brings us a much changing life experience. A new job for myself, a new life in the country (which we are extremely excited about) and best of all, living closer to our family and grandchildren! What more can one ask for. So far the transition is going well and Peggy always has been able to keep us calm. Just when I say to her I’m stressed, she has a way to make you feel better. I would not hesitate to give her name out to anyone looking for a dedicated and experienced person to take great care of them. Despite the distance we are from her and the office, Peggy always replied to us or someone from the office was able to help us. Peggy knows exactly what her customer(s) is looking for and researches as much as
possible. She keeps on top of what is happening at all times. Donna, being her right hand woman does a great job in co-coordinating everything. The main thing I noticed was that by the time Donna got us back to the office, the offer was already typed out and we were ready to sit down and finalize things! WOW, talk about being pro active! However, things are not finished yet and we would be happy to continue our story.