Christina R.

I sold with Peggy Hill & Peggy is the best Realtor I’ve worked with. No joke; she’s real, to the point, no run-arounds, & she puts her clients first. She has up to date technology that lets me have my own “secretary”. Peggy’s team (which seems more like family) forwards responses, and I actually GET feedback. She also sends in her FREE house-stager, who is amazing. She let me know tips to get the house looking better.. like what paint colours to use, about wallpaper.. stuff that I wouldn’t have guessed. When I wasn’t satisfied with my last agent, I re-listed with Peggy (which I should have done in the first place!), even another AGENT sent me feedback too saying ‘I can’t believe this was the same house I showed last month to a different client’. Peggy’s sign and a SOLD sign just belong together. It’s my new slogan to anyone who asks!