Chris & Joe C.

We are so glad we picked the Peggy Hill team to represent us. From the start when Peggy and Terry came to evaluate our home, we felt comfortable, from their wisdom, compassion and sense of humour.

To Brian who did an amazing job of the video and pictures. To Alicia who does a great job of staging, at the same time trying not to offend the client. To all the answering service girls who do all the appointments, Michele, Maryanne etc.

To Donna, Peggy’s assistant who the staff jokes is chained to her desk, and rarely gets to meet the clients, but does a huge amount of work behind the lines.

To Doug and Peggy who have so much compassion and respect for their clients, to all the paper work, emails, phone calls, running all over the place day and night. When do you guys sleep? You truly have an amazing team.

Last but not least, our agent Terry who has been a complete gem and blessing from the very start. Her patience with all our sometimes silly questions, organizing every detail so that everything runs smoothly and everyone is on the same page. Having the sense of humour and compassion when she saw we were getting stressed out. I’m sure on numerous times went out of her way day and night to make things easier for us. She truly is a lovely person inside and out.