Bob & Nan Busby

A Piece of Cake!

Four Days! A Clean Offer! Requested Closing Date! 98% of Listing Price!

We all know what we mean with the phrase â’a piece of cake’. However, a great piece of cake just doesn’t happen. It takes a skilled baker, a sound recipe, and the right mix of unique ingredients, skillfully blended, to achieve the very best results.

There is a definite parallel to be seen in the Real Estate Field. You need a skilled leader with a clear philosophy and vision of exactly how to produce the best possible results. You then need to assemble a group of individuals with a variety of unique skills that can be blended to achieve the goal of completing each real estate transaction as easily and satisfactorily as possible.

From start to finish, the Peggy Hill Team personifies this image. At the top you have Peggy whose hand is visible throughout the process. Obvious major ingredients include your agent, your stager, and your photographer, in our case Brenda, Alicia and Matthew. Behind the scene, but key to the successful result are a group of uniquely skilled individuals who write ads and prepare promotional material; handle bookings for showings; process critical paperwork; and keep you informed at each stage of the selling process.

Right up to the final closing, the Peggy Hill Team is there with some extra pieces of cake. These include a Closing Package with suggestions on how to complete your move as smoothly as possible plus a Moving Package providing some necessary packaging materials.

We still have several weeks until the closing but are fully confident that the Peggy Hill Team is with us to the end.

Our thanks to Peggy and every member of the Team.