Curious about how the real estate scene wrapped up in December 2023? We’ve got the inside scoop! Delving into the latest stats from the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board and explore the notable trends that marked the end of the year for Simcoe County.

One key metric in real estate is the average home price, offering a snapshot of the typical cost of homes in a region. In December 2023, this figure stood at $777,328, marking a year-over-year decrease of 4.32% from December 2022’s average of $812,411. 

Another important indicator on the real estate landscape is the number of units sold, reflecting the volume of properties that were bought and sold. For the month of December total units sold we saw 314 units,  with a year-over-year change of + 11.4% from the previous December of 282 units in 2022.Simcoe County there were 485 new listings in December 2023. This number represents a significant decline of 31.5% from December 2022’s figure of 708 listings.

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