QUINTE MARKET UPDATE – november 12th 2021

November was another record month in The Bay of Quinte Region with historically strong demand and increasingly low supply. This means that if you’ve considered selling, now is the time to do it! According to the Quinte & District Association of Realtors, the average sale price in October 2021 is up to $687,461. If you bought 5 years ago, the average sale price has increased 103% since then making now a great time to consider selling and making your next move.

Compared to October 2020, the sale prices have increased by 32% in Hastings County with a 27% drop in inventory.

Northumberland reports a 53% increase in sale prices and a 27% increase in inventory.

The County experienced a 32% increase in sale prices with a 16% drop in inventory.

It is not surprising that we continue to have a red hot seller’s market going into the holiday season in this beautiful region. We need listings in every community – every type of property. If you’re interested in finding out how much your home could sell for in this market, click “Free Home Evaluation” at the top of this page, or text or email us at 613.483.7572 to book a free home evaluation. We’d be happy to help provide you with some more information on the real estate market!