Incorporating Holiday Decorating into Your Home Staging

Whether you are planning on listing your home over the holiday season, hosting friends, or simply enjoying your festive space as a family, these holiday staging tips can guide you in making your home shine its brightest!  

One of the most important things to consider before you start decorating is how full your space already is. It is recommended that you de-clutter before you put more items out as overfilled rooms tend to feel smaller and less inviting. Likewise, when pulling out your decorations, remember that oftentimes less is more.

Keep the existing colour scheme of your home in mind when choosing decorations so that the holiday compliments your everyday life as opposed to clashing with it. Although red and green are the traditional colours of Christmas, your home can feel festive while embracing a wide range of colour options and trends. Whatever colour choices you land on, keep it consistent throughout.

Consider size when picking out your Christmas tree. Sometimes it can be hard to remember the scale of your space when you see the beautiful towering and full trees on display, but if you end up with a tree too big for your room, the entire space can end up feeling really cramped. This same philosophy is true in other areas of the home, such as with table decorations. 

One of the biggest staging tips any time of year is to depersonalize your home, so prospective buyers find it easier to picture themselves as owners instead of visitors. The same is true during the holidays, so try to keep the family holiday portraits, or children’s Santa photos tucked away.

Be careful not to hide key features of your home under decorations. For example, covering a beautiful view by hanging decals on your windows or burying your fireplace under stockings and various decorations.

Many religions are celebrated this time of year, but with such a wide variety of prospective buyers coming through your home, it is recommended that religious décor be kept at a minimum to prevent any potential buyers from feeling uncomfortable.