How To Make Your Home Feel Like Spring?

As the sun lingers longer in the evenings and the rain falls more frequently throughout the day, it’s a clear sign that spring has finally sprung. As we begin to shed our winter layers and enter warmer weather, it is an excellent opportunity to revitalize your house to match the new season. Spring will not only invite colour and warmth to your home’s exterior, but it can also enter your interior, making the season even more enjoyable. Listed below are a few things you can do to transform your home and make it ready to welcome spring. 

Spring Cleaning

Whether it’s organizing your closet, decluttering the office, or refreshing the kid’s playroom, spring cleaning is one of the best ways to refresh your home. Not only will it help clear up space to make room for new items, but it will help your home feel fresh and light for the new season. So, rummage through your kitchen cabinets to clear out expired items, get under the bathroom sink to re-organize your products like no tomorrow, and finally tackle that one junk closet that holds all the things you never know what to do with. The process may take long, but the final result is always worth the work! 

Throughout this process, consider making a donation pile with outgrown clothes or items that no longer are of use to you and donate them to your local thrift store or pass them along to friends and family who need such things.

Out With The Dark, In With The Light

Cool tone colours that remind you of winter months, such as green, blue, and purple, can be switched out for warmer tones to introduce some light back into your home. Try swapping out pillows, heavy bedding, dish towels, and hand towels for fabrics that complement the season.

Tulips, Tulips & More Tulips

One of the easiest ways to make your home feel like spring is by bringing in fresh flowers. Tulips, seeming to be the trademark for spring, is just one of the beauties you can welcome on your dining room table, kitchen counter, entryway table, or even your nightstand. Hyacinths, daffodils, and primroses are some other great options as well. 

However, be sure to note which flowers may be harmful to your furry friends. For example, tulips and lilies are poisonous to cats and dogs, so it would be best to keep them in a place your pets cannot reach.

Tidy Your Lawn 

On a day when the sunshine is at its brightest, try tending to your front lawn. After being weighed down by snow for a few months, some maintenance and love will be sure to bring it back to life. While cleaning up dead leaves and branches, try preparing your soil to develop a summer garden. Before you know it, you’ll be watching your peonies, marigolds, and hydrangeas bloom. 

To prepare for patio season, pull out all your outdoor furniture and exterior decor and watch your backyard begin to transform into a perfect hub of entertainment. You’ll be counting down the days until you can host friends and family. 

Pro tip: Try power washing your deck, porch, patio furniture, and windows to watch them sparkle right before your eyes!

Mop, Dust, Vacuum, & Polish

Once the sun starts to shine into your home with more intensity, you may be able to notice the nooks and crannies of your home that need a bit of extra care. So, blare your favourite music on your home speakers and clean your heart out! Take your duster to get into all the corners you typically miss; polish your silverware and glasses to make them sparkle; throw your couch cushion covers in the wash; and even consider cleaning behind your stove. After you finish, you’ll be sure to beam with pride over the state of your refreshed home.

Replace Your Filters

If you didn’t know, quite a few filters in your home need to be changed and replaced every 3-6 months. If you haven’t checked your furnace filter, air vent and range hood filters, or even water filters, now is a great time to do so! So, start the new season with a clean home from top to bottom. 

As we step out of one season and transition into another, our home can pile up with more items and clutter than we even realize. But, following a few of these tips can prepare you for entering spring with a clear mind and a fresh home!