HOW TO make diy marbled ornaments

This year is all about infusing light and joy back into our lives after the difficult and somewhat dreary Christmas of 2020. Bright, eclectic colours are a big trend this season, bringing festive fun into homes once again. Icy blues, turquoise, orange, metallics, neon’s, and even rainbow schemes are sure to inspire Christmas cheer. This style can be really exciting for children, so why not capitalize on their enthusiasm by creating some homemade decorations? Pass over the paint and instead pick up some brightly coloured nail polish (not quick dry) and go to work on this fun project, as inspired by “Lovely Etc”:

For this project, you’ll need white ornaments, a medium-sized bowl or Tupperware container you won’t miss, clear nail polish, nail polish in the colours of your choice, and toothpicks.

Fill your bowl halfway with hot water and then drop in a couple of drops of clear polish. Next, add a few drops of the colour of your choosing and swirl with a toothpick. Carefully dip your ornament into the water, and then slowly pull it out to reveal a beautifully painted/swirled decoration. Set somewhere to dry. Before creating your next ornament, remove the remaining nail polish from the bowl with a toothpick  (it should be laying as a film on the top).

If bright colours aren’t your thing, you can’t go wrong with the tried and true neutrals and naturals. Whites and silvers, wood, and muted candles can create a beautiful traditional aesthetic that will never go out of style. Use the imagery of freshly fallen snow in a peaceful forest and frozen treetops glistening in the moonlight to inspire you as you adorn your home with the magic of the season. If you’d like a pop of colour that fits with this style, try your hand at making some dried orange garland or homemade and painted salt dough ornaments!

No matter which style you go with, when decorating outside it’s important to keep it beautiful but not overdone, especially if your home is for sale or you’re thinking of selling soon. Too many decorations or colours can distract from your home’s natural appeal. Stick to two to three colours, classic lights, garland around posts, and a wreath. A holiday-themed flower pot or oversized ornaments or a nutcracker by the front door or porch can add a fun touch to your exterior décor.

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