Setting the stage for this year’s colour trends palette is a nostalgic blend of electric colours deeply saturated with warm hues and vivacious undertones. Benjamin Moore’s colour of 2023 has been named Raspberry Blush, a rich coral that awakens your senses and brings an unapologetic boldness to any space it resides in.

The 2022 colour palette was filled with meditative and organic tones, which anchored a space with a harmonious sense of nature. However, this upcoming year breaks free from calmness and instead calls for an upbeat and optimistic dynamic that pushes beyond the traditional.

In hopes of transcending beyond all borders of simplicity, the 2023 colour palette calls for an electric heat that existed beyond the last three decades. Paying homage to the 70s, this dynamic colour palette offers a flashback to this electric era, promoting self-expression, creativity, and the desire to communicate emotion through colour.

With the new year on the horizon, change feels needed now more than ever. To continue this transformative feeling, try repainting a few spaces in your home to kickstart the new year and invite the fresh, unapologetic colour scheme you’ve always desired.

The Warm Shades: Tofino Sunset, Cinnamon, Wenge

This trio of colours within the 2023 colour palette combines comfort with drama. These non-intrusive yet powerful neutrals can create a warm home base that promotes growth and pave the way for new beginnings. 

Paint your child’s bedroom with Tofino Sunset, a dusty pink hue with calming, vintage undertones.

Bring Wenge, a deep chocolate brown, to your living room to invite tropical timber into your home. This bold colour will make a charismatic statement while also bringing a rustic touch to your space. 
Give your dining room a facelift by repainting it the shade of Cinnamon, a rich brown with orange undertones that will invite the right amount of warmth into your home during every season.

The Cool Shades: Savannah Green, New Age, Starry Night Blue, & North Sea Green 

The cooler side of the 2023 colour palette is filled with impactful shades reminiscent of coastal energy. These shades will revive your senses and encourage your imagination to blossom.  

Your powder room deserves to be painted Savannah Green, a gold ochre colour which delivers balanced electric energy. 

New Age is an ethereal light purple shade which is imaginative and peaceful, perfect for a primary bedroom, the central relaxation hub for you and your loved one.  

If you’re looking for the perfect accent wall colour, then Starry Night Blue is the right choice. This inky indigo shade is bold and optimistic, bringing personality and charm to your entertainment space.  
The guest bedroom would look perfect painted North Sea Green, a soothing teal that is delicate yet explorative. 

Repainting your home with these pivotal shades from the colour palette that will dominate 2023 is both daring and adventurous. So, step out of your comfort zone and kickstart the new year by transforming your property into the colourful, vibrant #HomeToStay you’ve always dreamt of!