Upcoming Changes to Curbside Collection in Barrie: What Homeowners Need to Know

The Peggy Hill Team is here to make sure everyone in Barrie, whether you’re just moving in or you’ve been here for years, is ready for some big changes coming to our curbside collection services. Starting May 1, 2024, there are a few changes to how we put out our trash and recycling. Let’s walk through what’s new and how it’ll affect your weekly routine, so you can keep everything running smoothly!

Changes to Collection

New Collection Schedules: Your garbage, recycling, and organics pickup days might change to optimize route balancing. You can check your new schedule via the curbside collection Schedule Lookup tool or the map in the Waste Collection Calendar.

Adjustments to Pickup Times: Also, ensure all materials are placed curbside by 7am on your designated collection day. Since times may vary with the new routing.

Pet Waste and Organics: The green bin program now accepts pet waste. This is including dog waste and plant-based kitty litter. However, they must be in certified compostable bags.

Holiday Schedule Consistency: Except for Christmas and New Year’s Day, the collection schedule will remain unchanged during holidays.

Yard Waste Collection Changes: Yard waste will be collected bi-weekly from April through November, with no specific collection day. This means it must be placed curbside by 7am on Monday of your collection week. If it is damaged from weather collection will still be completed.

Expanded Service Areas: Curbside collection will extend to eligible private roadways and laneways. With details to be communicated post-May 2024.

Multi-residential Building Updates: Changes in collection frequency and schedules for buildings with six units or more will be announced soon.

Next Steps

Additionally, for a more detailed breakdown of what these changes entail, refer to the City’s 2024 Waste Collection Calendar. This is available online and at city facilities. Or, visit Circular Materials for more information on the transition.

These updates aim to improve service delivery and adapt to the growing needs of Barrie’s residents. So, this will ensure a smooth and effective waste management system.