Budget-Friendly Updates To Make In Your Bathroom

Looking to improve the overall look of your home while staying within a reasonable budget? Updating your bathroom is a great way to increase both the value and functionality of your property and something you may be able to tackle without help from professionals! Here are a few updates to consider to refresh your space and receive a good return on investment. 

  1. Paint 

Applying a fresh coat of paint can do wonders in refreshing any bathroom. This upgrade is easy on the wallet and one of the simplest ways to restore the overall appearance of your bathroom. (Tip: choosing a neutral colour can appeal to future buyers down the road).

  1. Update The Light Fixtures  

To enhance your bathroom’s overall atmosphere, consider upgrading the lighting or installing a dimmer switch. You may need to call in an electrician to help with this upgrade, but in the end, you will create a more relaxing and beautiful environment for all your self-care rituals!  

  1. Fix The Wear & Tear 

One of the easiest ways to improve the overall appearance of your bathroom is to fix any blemishes it has acquired due to the general wear and tear of everyday use. For example, re-caulking your shower, fixing any water damage, or replacing a cracked tile can be minor but rewarding repairs. 

  1. Accessorise For Functionality 

The ultimate DIY upgrade that you can make to your bathroom is sourcing new accessories and decorations that are both stylish and functional. This small cosmetic upgrade can go a long way in improving the look of your bathroom. For example, consider switching out your shower curtain, buying new bath mats, or installing a few shelves to bring more storage into the space.

  1. Find New Hardware

Replacing old or outdated hardware, such as vanity knobs, faucets, and shower heads, can significantly improve your bathroom’s overall look and functionality. You may be able to acquire vintage cabinet knobs from second-hand stores and keep an eye out for sales at your local hardware store to find showerheads and faucets for a reasonable, budget-friendly price.