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To List or Not to List?

To List or Not to List?

To list or not to list? That is the question. In fact it’s a question that many Simcoe County residents are asking themselves. Should they list their homes for sale now or wait until the ‘Spring Market’?

Well the short answer is: If you are looking to make a move, the time to list your home is now! Not convinced? Let me change your mind…

Everyone and their brother is waiting until the Spring Market to list their home because they have been led to believe that it’s the best time to sell. While it’s true that Spring is typically a busy time for Real Estate, the reality is that we are are experiencing some of the lowest levels of homes available for sale in the past decade. This means less competition for you!

If Econ 101 taught us anything, it’s the law of supply and demand – when there is a low supply and the demand is high, prices go up. That’s 2 points for Sellers: 1. less competition and 2. higher prices! To tip the scales even further, interest rates remain low which creates a further incentive for buyers to purchase now.

This creates a domino effect: Low Inventory leads to higher prices, faster sales and less hassle for you when selling!

So why list now? What does this domino effect mean for you?

  • Less competition when selling your home
  • Faster home sales
  • Higher selling prices
  • Less time spent having to keep the house in ‘tip top’ condition
  • Less time having to accommodate showings

To list or not to list? Well, if you are looking for a quick sale for top dollar that leaves you with more money in your pocket, the answer is: LIST NOW! A stress-free sale – wouldn’t that be nice!

Our clients’ homes sell 47% faster than average and for 99% of their list price*. We’d love to help you experience a fun, informative and stress-free home sale. Contact us today for your free, no obligation home evaluation.

*Days on market & sales price to list price ratio for Peggy Hill vs. the Barrie Market in 2015. Data from the Barrie & District Association of Realtors®.