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A Team Approach to Real Estate

Would you rather have one professional working for you, or a team
of them? We have a unique real estate philosophy where our
team members are all working together to get the best deal possible
for our clients. That same approach extends through the whole
process, from photography and video to staging to how your
home looks on our website. Our goal is a stress-free experience
for our clients, and no one does it like we do!

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a team versus an individual agent!

What Does It Mean to Work With a Team?

You’re likely wondering what the difference is between working with a team vs. an individual agent.

The logic here is fairly simple – it all goes back to what we learn as kindergarteners: many hands make light work. There are many benefits of having a team working for you as opposed to an individual agent. An individual agent will tell you that if you list your home with them, you will get their personal attention. But ask yourself this: Would you rather have one person’s attention, or a whole team devoted to selling your home?

At The Peggy Hill Team, our professional agents and employees work together, creating a myriad of specialized skills and knowledge – all of which are geared toward selling your home for the best possible price!

As an agent working on my own I wanted to be everything for my clients. I love working with people and helping them buy and sell homes, but in trying to be everything for my clients I wasn’t able to go above and beyond for them. With a team of specialized professionals I know that every aspect of my clients purchase or sale is being handled at the highest level of customer service and I can focus on what I do best: selling and buying homes!


Peggy Hill

Our team consists of:
  • Team Leader & Listing Specialist
  • Buyer Specialists
  • Exclusive Professional Home Stager
  • Professional Photographer & Videographer
  • Full time licensed Office Manager
  • Full time Administrative Assistant
  • Full time Marketing & Client Care Manager
  • Full time licensed Executive Assistant
  • Full time IT Specialist