It’s simple. Be good to people. We often write with a simple and clear objective to remind our readers that LOVE COMES FIRST. This Wednesday, February 24th is Pink T-Shirt Day and we ask you to help us remind the world that respect, caring and love is what should always come first. Stand against bullying alongside us this Pink T-Shirt Day and let everyone know that kindness will continue with you. Wearing pink is a vibrant way to pass along the message that you care. Spread awareness and become a glowing pink light of support for those who are bullied.

Pink T-Shirt Day began back in 2007 when two brave Nova Scotian high school students decided to show support for a fellow bullied student. After being publically made fun of for wearing a pink t-shirt, these two students decided to purchase and distribute pink t-shirts among their student body for everyone to wear as a way of standing against bullying.

Wear your pink this Wednesday and, at the very least, start the conversation. Remind people that love comes first and that bullying will never be okay.

It always amazes us when we see that bullying isn’t just found in schools and on the playground. It’s also in the workplace, on the road, in restaurants and, sometimes, in the closest of relationships. A lot of adults may not even realize that their thoughtless and careless actions can also be considered bullying. Think about the last time you were commuting to work. Were you respectful of the other drivers around you? Did you give them space and practice patience? How about when you stopped for a coffee en route to work? Were you polite and respectful to those serving you? Would your colleagues consider you to be helpful and thoughtful? Finally, at the end of your stress-filled day, do you go home and greet your family with affection and love? Many of us fall short of solid confirmation on all those questions.

It’s so easy to choose impatience and indifference over peacefulness and courtesy. We are always rushed, stressed and lost in our own thoughts of what needs to get done at work or at home. The small actions of cutting someone off in traffic, showing impatience while ordering your morning coffee, having no time for a colleague at work, or even forgetting to lend an ear or shoulder to your loved ones at home don’t go unnoticed and have the potential to cause cumulative damage. Your children learn by example, so make the choice to only set loving ones.

The best part of realizing that you can always become a better person? Helping others do the same. Wear pink tomorrow and choose to practice respect, caring and love for all those in your life. At the very least, you’ll be starting a conversation that desperately needs to begin – the conversation that bullying will not be tolerated. Throw some positive energy out there, stand up for those who need it and help us create a world where bullying becomes obsolete.

This Pink T-Shirt Day, our team will be doing our part by writing something sweet on a pink Post-It for each team member and we invite you to #PinkItForward by doing the same!

If you or someone you know needs backup against bullying, make sure to reach out. There are loads of resources available – Kids Help Phone and Crisis Line are just a two to name a few. Don’t be another idle bystander. Stand up against bullying today and everyday.

We’re all human. It’s simple. Be good to people.