packz for the homeless in barriePackz for The Homeless

We would like to use today’s Blog post to introduce you to a new local charity program that started up this winter, Packz For The Homeless. Founded by a group of caring and committed people in Barrie whose vision is to “make a significant difference in the lives of people in our community living without a home.”

In 2011 approximately 8,963 people were estimated to be homeless, with 7,500 of them not seeking any assistance. In a population of 135,711 (2011) that’s a lot of people! With the recent recession and a 7.8% unemployment rate there are many causes of homelessness: sudden job loss, illness, escaping abusive relationships, eviction etc. As Packz website states, “Homelessness doesn’t discriminate”. Packz mandate is to raise awareness and ease the burden of those who are living homeless by distributing Packz to those in need.

So you may be asking, what exactly is a Packz? Packz are used or new backpacks, full of products to assist homeless people in need. They are distributed to local organizations and shelters that support the homeless, both on the streets, and hidden homeless, those not accessing community resources. Ideally a Packz is portable, not too heavy to carry, and full of essential items.

How Can You Help?

There are a few ways that you can help Packz fulfill their mission and ease the burden of the homeless in our community:

  1. Create a Packz – fill a backpack with essential items such as deodorant and non-perishable food (see the photo above or the video below for more information)
  2. Donate products – Products such as: toothbrush/paste, anti-bacterial wipes, bandaids, pads/tampons, chapstick, deodorant, mitts, hats, packaged nuts or meat, fruit cups or apple sauce, meal replacements, vitamin water etc.
  3. Volunteer – Packz is always looking for talented and caring volunteers!
  4. Spread the word – Follow Packz on Twitter, Like them on Facebook and share their website with friends, family and colleagues. 

The Peggy Hill Team is proud to be one of four drop of locations! If you have anything that you’d like to donate to the cause, please drop off at our office at 431 Huronia Road, Unit 13 in Barrie Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm.

To help Packz, The Peggy Hill Team will be donating all remaining Peggy Hill Team winter hats to help keep the homeless warm this winter; and we would like to challenge others to donate whatever they can to help out! Spread the love this Valentine’s day to those who are in need.

Thank you,

The Peggy Hill Team