Moving Day Tips

There is only one thing that will ensure that moving day comes stress-free (or almost any way!): Organization. Making preparations before the big day will help to make sure that everything runs smoothly and you’re prepared to handle any last minute hiccups.

The first thing you should do when you’ve made the decision to move is to sit down and create a list of everything that has to be done. Stick this list by the phone, on a bulletin board or by the fridge. Somewhere visible to keep you reminded about to dos and deadlines.

Here are some pointers to keep you organized before, during and after your move:

When the Moving Date is confirmed:

  • Reserve the date with a Moving Company (if you plan to use one), to make sure they have availability. Choose a well established company with a proven track record. We can recommend a number of reputable movers!
  • Reserve a truck if you’re renting one & get in touch with family and friends to see if they can help you out.

Four to Eight Weeks Before:

  • Change your mailing address! Here’s a list of the most common companies/organizations that you’ll need to notify: Hydro Company, telephone, cable & internet providers, financial institutions, your children’s schools, magazine subscriptions, government agencies.
  • Start Packing! Select boxes that are easy to carry and make sure that you label each one with the contents and the room the box will be moved to.
  • Find someone to look after the pets and/or the kids on the day of the move or get them to help out (this might be difficult for Fido though)!

The Last Few Days:

  • Prepare a box to put in your car. It should contain things that will come in handy during the move, such as: a first aid kit, toilet paper, tools, cleaning products, garbage bags etc.
  • Create a sign for the door of each room in the new house. This will help family and friends or the moving company easily figure out where to put the boxes and furniture.
  • If you will be moving while it’s raining or in the winter it’s a good idea to pick up some mats to protect the floors in the entrance and hallways of your new home.

Moving Day:

  • Be sure to eat a solid breakfast so you’re fueled up and ready for the work ahead.
  • Keep any pets in an empty room with food, water, toys or cat litter and put a sign on the door so people know they are there.
  • Try to arrive at your new home before family, friends or movers so you can attach the signs you made to each room in the house and make sure everyone can get right to work once they arrive.

Try to give yourself short breaks during the day for food and water to make sure you keep your energy levels up and stress levels down. If family and friends have come to help out, organizing for pizza delivery to feed everyone is a great idea too!

Hopefully these tips will help your next move go smoothly! Please pass this blog article on to any friends or family who may find it useful, and as always please contact us with any questions about the real estate market in Barrie and the surrounding area. We’re here to help!


The Peggy Hill Team