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Moving In

It’s almost time to sit back and relax in your new home!
But there are still a few things you need to think about.

The final section of our Home Buyer's Guide focuses
on packing to move as well as switching over utilities, changing
your address, and preparing for your closing.

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Packing & Moving

Once the offer is firm and both parties have signed off on it, it’s a good idea to start looking at movers. We have several moving companies our clients have dealt with and can recommend names to you.

If you opt to pack and move yourself then it’s a great time to start collecting boxes and get to packing!

Changing Your Address

You should also start contacting utility companies and government bodies to let them know about your new address. Once your offer becomes firm we will send you a closing package which includes a checklist of everywhere you should call to change your address.

Home Services & Utilities

We will also provide you a list of useful numbers for the activation of home services and utilities in your new home

Be Prepared

We are ready to assist you should an unforeseen glitch pop up, even at this last stage. Something at the property breaks down, or some other minor detail – no need to worry. We have encountered these problems before so we know how to handle them efficiently and in a stress-free manor.

Closing Day – What to Expect

The biggest misconception when it comes to closing is that come closing the new owners get the keys right away and can start moving in, although this would be ideal it’s simply not the way things work.

In order for the keys to be passed from the seller to the buyer you have to wait for the title to be transferred. The title transfer is handled by your lawyer, who is a buyer’s biggest ally come closing day. Your lawyer will notify you after the title has transferred and it’s time to pick up the keys. This generally happens between 1:00 and 5:00 PM.

If possible we recommend scheduling movers in the afternoon or the day after closing – this way you avoid paying movers to sit around while you`re waiting for the keys.

Once you do get possession of your new home it’s a good idea to do a quick check of the house to make sure everything is as you agreed i.e. appliances are in good working order, if something isn’t right contact your lawyer right away.