home based april fools pranks

Home Based April Fools Pranks 

Practical jokers rejoice – April 1st aka. April Fools arrives tomorrow!! The one day every year where pranks are celebrated and shared with friends and family is fast approaching. Is your practical joke game up to the challenge? Never fear, we are here to help!

Don’t be the fool this year! Instead, be the jokester  with these fun, easy and laugh out loud home based April Fools pranks:

(1) Come in with a Bang! Tape some balloons to the back of your front door and get a little scare from the next person to come inside. instructions courtesy of A Subtle Revelry. Here’s how.

(2) The Worst Soap Ever. Paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish so that it won’t lather. Instructions courtesy of Instructables here.

(3) The Watchful Fridge. Put googley eyes on everything in the fridge. There’s nothing like opening the fridge to grab some milk for your cereal in the morning and seeing everything stare back at you!  

(4) Broccoli Doughnuts. Fill a Tim Horton’s doughnut box with – you guessed it – broccoli!

(5) The Great Mouse Hunt. Have a family member that is terrified of mice? Try hiding beet roots around the house – their tails and colour look an awful lot like the back half of a mouse!

However you choose to participate in April Fools Day we hope that your pranks bring smiles, laughter and good fun to the people in your life and fill your homes with joy.

Happy April Fools Day ….. Or not?  …