One of the best ways to warm your heart and soul during these cold winter months is by enjoying sip after sip of silky and savory hot chocolate. As the steamy scent wraps all around us, the bitter cold begins to thaw and, once again, we feel more like ourselves! Here are a few of the coziest places in Barrie to enjoy a cuppa this winter.

1. Go cocoa crazy at beautiful Bohemia (125 Dunlop Street East)

2. Mi casa et tu chocolate caliente casa at Casa Cappuccino (91 Dunlop Street East)

3. The hot chocolate is its own work of art at Radio Café at the Mclaren Art Gallery (37 Mulcaster Street)

4. Rye not fall in loaf at Homestead Artisan Bakery & Café? (43 Owen Street)

5. It’ll mocha you happy to visit Barrie Bean Counter (49 Dunlop Street East)

6. Warm your green thumbs at The Lazy Tulip Café (29 Maple Avenue)

7. Marshmallow out at Coffee Culture Café & Eatery (494 Big Bay Point Road)

No cup of hot chocolate tastes as good as the one enjoyed in the comfort of your own home, though! Curl up on the couch next to a toasty fire and enjoy cocoa by candlelight surrounded by those you love. Mmmm!