Carbon monoxide detector

Carbon monoxide is a colourless, odorless and tasteless gas that is toxic to humans in concentrations higher than 35 ppm (parts per billion). A new law came into effect in Ontario last week making carbon monoxide detectors mandatory in all Ontario homes. Before we dive into the details, let’s get... [Read More]

Moving Day Tips

There is only one thing that will ensure that moving day comes stress-free (or almost any way!): Organization. Making preparations before the big day will help to make sure that everything runs smoothly and you’re prepared to handle any last minute hiccups. The first thing you should do when you’ve... [Read More]

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

As the leaves change from a lush green to a beautiful array of red, orange and yellow, and the air gets a little cooler, it’s officially time to prep your home for Fall. It might seem like a daunting task, especially when trying to enjoy those last few days of... [Read More]

Garage Security Tips

You may lock up your house like Fort Knox to keep you and your valuables safe, but the garage door is often overlooked in the process. Burglars can use this knowledge to their advantage to gain access to your house. So consider these garage security do’s and don’ts as part... [Read More]

extra storage space for small spaces

Stud Space = Extra Storage! Are you limited by the lack of storage that comes with a small room? Fear not, you do have options! Between the studs that hold up your house and walls lies unused space that can sometimes be converted into built-in shelves or a storage nook.... [Read More]

Are you thinking of sprucing up your yard with a deck?  How about adding resale value to your home?  Chances are, if you clicked on this link you are at least a little curious – what exactly does it take to build yourself a deck that will look great and... [Read More]

Should I fix my home before selling?

To fix or not to fix? When you’re getting ready to sell your home, that is always the question. A rule of thumb to keep in mind is that a house in good condition will sell faster than one that needs work. Low-cost, minor improvements that increase the appeal of your... [Read More]

Angus Tornado relief

Everyone in Simcoe County was shocked when the Tornado warning on Tuesday night resulted in a tornado touching down in Angus in Essa Township. The EF2 Tornado touched down in Angus around 5 pm on Tuesday night. Approximately 100 homes were damaged as the twister touched down behind Nottawasaga Pines... [Read More]

Easy Feng Shui Tips for Your Home

It’s said that your space — your home, your office — is a mirror of you. If you are looking for ways to improve your quality of life, you might consider first improving the quality of your space. Feng shui, the ancient Chinese art and science of placement and energy... [Read More]

Garage Sale Tips

The garage sale, a great way to get rid of some clutter and make some money doing it! Many people look forward to garage sale season because it’s a chance to buy some great pieces at even better prices – a win-win for everyone! If you’re planning on holding a... [Read More]

Barrie Real Estate

Barrie Home Sales Pick up in April The Spring market, along with the Spring weather, was later arriving both nationally and in Barrie and district this year. In a release yesterday by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), it was reported that nationally home sales are down 0.3% from last... [Read More]

Help needed to fill 500 backpacks for the homeless! As part of Red Day on Thursday May 8th– an annual day of service – Keller Williams Realty Experience in Barrie plans to fill and distribute 500 backpacks to local agencies that support the homeless. We’re inviting you to please stop... [Read More]

When you’re right in the middle of the excitement of a home search, the last thing that is likely on your mind is what closing date you should choose. But there are some general rules around choosing a closing date that can drastically improve your moving experience and help you... [Read More]

Selling a Rental Property

Selling a rental property can be stressful, add in a landlord or tenant who isn’t willing to cooperate, and the stress levels can soar. Let’s clarify the facts, rules and rights of both tenants and landlords in Ontario when selling a rental property: Landlords can sell their home at any... [Read More]

Common Painting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

With Spring Cleaning, comes Spring painting! Painting any room in your home is a great way to give it a fresh look. Not only is it cost-effective, it’s fairly easy and can be accomplished in a weekend. Although it can be easy, there are some common painting mistakes that do-it-yourselfer’s... [Read More]

In much of the country, spring has sprung and it’s time to shake off the cold of winter and get working around the house with those spring home maintenance projects. With the first warm, dry spell comes the best time to start thinking about getting your home ready for the... [Read More]

Spring Cleaning

According to the calendar, spring is upon us. For many, it’s time to air out the house, get organized and give the house a thorough deep cleaning. Companies that sell cleaning products even ramp up advertising directed at this seasonal tradition. March 21 may be the official start of spring,... [Read More]

Bowl for Kids Sake

A good time was had by all at Barrie’s Bowlerama on Bayfield Street yesterday, as REALTORS® from all over Barrie crowded the bowling lanes in support of Bowl for Kids Sake. The Peggy Hill Team laced up for the cause, which is an annual fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters... [Read More]

Barrie Real Estste

As we approach the half-way point in March we are still seeing a Seller’s Market here in Barrie. But what exactly is a Seller’s Market? In a Seller’s Market, home sellers are seen as having an advantage in the real estate market because the number of buyers looking for a... [Read More]

mortgage insurance premiums

CMHC to Increase Mortgage Insurance Premiums Last Friday the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation, (CMHC), announced that it will raise mortgage insurance premiums starting on May 1st of this year. The increase in premiums is expected to raise up to $175 million for the CMHC and help to mitigate risk... [Read More]

3 of the most jaw-dropping houses for sale in London England London contains 19 of the top 20 most expensive streets in the UK. With properties exceeding the £100 million mark, they are saved for world’s richest businessmen, royals and celebrities. These three jaw-dropping houses are currently on the market... [Read More]

Real estate is an industry that can vary widely from country to country, province to province and even city to city, but there are a few basic trends that carry over into most markets. Like those discovered in the National Association of REALTORS® 2013 survey on Home Features; the study... [Read More]

packz for the homeless in barrie

Packz for The Homeless We would like to use today’s Blog post to introduce you to a new local charity program that started up this winter, Packz For The Homeless. Founded by a group of caring and committed people in Barrie whose vision is to “make a significant difference in... [Read More]

barrie real estate

  Barrie Real Estate Market Summary – 2013 In ‘Housing Now’ a Barrie housing market summary of 2013 released today by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), we are able to see how the real estate market ended in 2013 and what the market may look like this year.... [Read More]

the peggy hill team

As you may have noticed over this past week, has gotten a facelift! But the updates to are more than just skin deep. “When looking for real estate information and listings online, there are many websites to choose from, but finding one with the right information, that is... [Read More]