Kristina Helwig Bio

Kristina Helwig is a Sales Representative & our Deals Coordinator at The Peggy Hill Team. She works behind the scenes from our satellite office and processes all the deals that come through our office. She also happily lends a hand whenever one is needed and will be walking through our front door offering her help before we even realize we need it!

Kristina, or Krissy as she’s known around the office, graduated from Laurentian University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 2007. Krissy put her degree to work when she took on the role of a Behavioural Therapist. For nine years, Krissy worked with children with Autism where she helped teach basic skills as well as self-help skills in order to increase independence and happiness.

The year 2014 proved to be an amazing one for Krissy – she became the mother of an incredible little girl. As Peggy’s daughter, Krissy’s focus on the family has always been strong, but it became paramount with the arrival of her own precious daughter. She absolutely loves spending time with her family and when she’s not working, she can be found in constant connection with them. Krissy always has music on the in the background whether she’s going for walks or working at her desk and her sunny disposition is one that shines on everyone.

Krissy takes pride in her work and loves being part of The Peggy Hill Team. Her sense of humour, enthusiasm and down-to-earth attitude makes her a perfect fit.

Kristina’s Testimonials

How My Clients Feel About My Service

“I can say so much about Kristina and Peggy. I absolutely adore them!! Our story: My husband and I were working with an agent and long story short, we had a severely bad experience. I was feeling deflated and was ready to give up when we decided to give it one more shot. When I got on the phone with Kristina, I was very upset and distraught. I told her our deal and what we were looking for and she promised to deliver. She was so attentive and met all of my demands. She is so sweet, professional and got the job done! We are now home owners and can’t thank her enough for making our bad experience better. Lot’s of love, “

– Nicole & Dennis H., Buyers