Jane Prouse Bio

Jane Prouse is a Sales Representative with The Peggy Hill Team. She has been part of the Real Estate industry for a few years and gained most of her experience working in Toronto. She is an expert in handling high volume leases and will work tirelessly to get each deal done. We are thrilled to have Jane on our Team and we know that her passion for client care will always result in success.

Jane chose to make the move to Real Estate because of her passion for building relationships and guiding clients toward achieving their dreams. Not only does she want what’s best for her clients, but Jane also strives to leave a lasting impression so that each one of them feels confident in her future services. Trust and understanding are fundamental to Jane’s relationships, be they professional or personal.

Throughout her career, Jane has found that a foundation built on support with a team focus is what leads to success. She decided to join The Peggy Hill Team knowing that she’d be part of a team that supports each of its members through thick and thin. Trusting in the team behind her, Jane can face each situation with the confidence that every one of her clients will reach their goals in her care.

When she’s not working tirelessly for each of her clients, Jane can be found nurturing her creative side. She paints beautiful landscapes and portraits in acrylic on canvas and board. Some of her art even hangs on the walls of her friends’ homes! Jane has an ability to recognize and create beauty and this is one of the reasons she decided to call Simcoe County home. Being so close to our beautiful waterfronts and the inspiring hiking trails beneath towering trees is, Jane believes, a natural luxury.

We are thrilled to have Jane as part of our Team and we are excited to see what successes are in store for her!