Donna Russell Bio

Donna Russell is Peggy’s Licensed Assistant.  She is the ‘go to’ person in the office and has worked side by side with Peggy for over 5 years.  She manages Peggy’s schedule, assists with offer paperwork, and acts as ‘quality control’ for Peggy’s listings as well as looking after lots of other details. She reports to Peggy to keep her informed on everything that she needs to know so that Peggy can keep on doing what she does best…..Selling Real Estate!

Donna started out as one of Peggy’s clients and they hit it off immediately and decided to join forces.  Donna gained a real passion for Real Estate and quickly acquired her license and worked with Buyers, assisting them in their search for their ideal homes.  After successfully working in the ‘field’, she decided that she missed working closely with Peggy and managing the day to day things for her, so returned to work exclusively in the office but still loves the client contact.

Donna is a real people person and held various positions in the Human Resource/Staffing field before she began working with Peggy.  She uses her great attention to detail, strong work ethic and optimistic attitude around the office as well as when she is working with Peggy’s clients to help ease them through their stressful times.

Outside of work Donna enjoys spending time with her family, reading, listening to music, Friday nights, dancing and camping. Donna also enjoys getting in touch with nature, the occasional warm destination and most of all she loves to laugh!

Donna moved to Barrie 9 years ago from Brampton and wishes she had done it sooner, “The people are the best! Down to earth and friendly. It is a much more relaxed and friendly atmosphere here and the location is great. We have the gorgeous Lakefront and in minutes can be out in the country, on the way to cottage country or at the ski hills”

What Donna enjoys most about working in Real Estate is helping people through that next step in life and anything that she can do to make that process a smooth transition is what she aims for!

Donna’s Testimonials

How My Clients Feel About My Service

“When contemplating a move from Pickering to Barrie area, we called some friends for referrals of Agents in the area. Without hesitation, they both recommended The Peggy Hill team. Our first experience with the team was with Donna. We instantly felt comfortable and knew we had been advised well. After a conversation with Donna outlining our needs, she said she had an agent in mind and would have her call us back later that day. We were fortunate to be paired up with Terry Laycock Schneider. Terry’s knowledge of the area was invaluable to us and her personality made us feel like we were dealing with a friend. House hunting in a new city can be quite an ordeal, but with the Peggy Hill team, we enjoyed the process from start to finish resulting in the perfect home for our family. Our interests were always at the forefront and the transaction was seamless. Thank you to the whole team for making our initial transition to Barrie so positive! We look forward to our move and would not hesitate to recommend the team!”

– Wendy & Scot

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your support, I know you were caught up in a very complicated position, and I appreciate your patience through all of this. I also want to thank Donna for all her help and support too! She is awesome! The situation was very negative for everyone given the circumstances. You have such a great bunch of staff working with you; they are all very gracious and professional!!!!”

– Deb D. 

“Donna and Peggy, Thanks so much for your help on seeing that all is seen to before we move in -you two are both wonderful and we are sooo very glad that we are working with you to get the house. Thanks again and we will talk to you both soon.”

Best wishes,– Sean H.

“My experiences with both Donna and Peggy were fantastic! They were both very attentive to my wishes and concerns about looking for a new house after my recent separation. I knew Peggy previously, and when all my life changes were happening, I knew right away who to call for my home purchase! Donna was my first point of contact as Peggy was away that day. She immediately listened to my situation and offered to meet with me right away. I had seen a home that I thought would be perfect, right area, right price. Etc….but when she did some research she let me know very quickly that this home would not be right for me. She offered to set me up on an email listing to be advised when homes became available on my “wish list”. I thought this was a great idea, as it would allow me to see which homes were being listed right away. Donna did take my kids and I to view some homes in the area, but it was the third one we looked at that was “the one”!! Donna got Peggy involved right away to start with the purchase price, and although this is a stressful time to go through, Peggy kept me calm and fully engaged during the process. The whole thing was very smooth from beginning to end. They both were available to me during my inspection as well and provided words of advice along the way. A great big “THANK YOU ” to both of them for making my experience in buying a home, a very pleasurable one….”

– Sue M.

“First off we would like to thank Peggy Hill and Associates for making the purchase of our new home such a wonderful experience. Now that it is over, we would like to congratulate Peggy Hill and her team for allowing the most honest, loyal and professional sales representative Donna Russell to represent the team. Our time with Donna these past two months has been such a pleasure. You can imagine how stressful it was trying to sell and buy a home right in the middle of Christmas. However, Donna constantly reassured us that things would work out in our favor and it really helped us cope. Her knowledge of the market, reliability and constant professionalism made us confident we had made the right decision to work with Peggy Hill’s team. Stephanie and I feel we have found our first new friend in Barrie :). We mean that sincerely, Donna Russell has been nothing but perfect. Trust is everything, especially when it pertains to this market.

Thank you Donna for everything you’ve done for us.”

Your friends,
– Stephanie & TJ

“We LOVE Donna! Donna has been so helpful, patient ~ and trust me with us she needs A LOT ~ and considerate of everything that we were going through. We had Peggy sell our home just over a year ago and now with Donna helping us find our new home we would NEVER go to anyone else, EVER! Thanks for everything,”

– Scott & Tammy O.

“I just wanted to make you aware of how incredibly helpful (and professional) Donna Russell has been. She showed us a house on the weekend and was able to answer all of our questions and followed up immediately. Should we list our home, we will be putting your company on the top of our list. Thank you”

– Jamie G

“First of all we want to say a Huge Thank You to your team, who did such an amazing job. We are so happy that we’ve found our new home in such a short time, negotiated the price and settled all the problems with banks. We think that it would be extremely hard without your help!

Donna did a wonderful work for us, patiently going from one house to another, trying to find something that will satisfy our demands. We are very grateful to her for all the support she provided to us. Of course, we can not skip on mentioning, that Peggy is a wonderful person, and that we will make all our future business with her without any hesitation. Thank you greatly,”

– Sasha & Sasha

“Our move is HUGE! We are leaving Burlington, Ontario and moving to the Horseshoe Valley area in the town of Criaghurst. The move brings us a much changing life experience. A new job for myself, a new life in the country (which we are extremely excited about) and best of all, living closer to our family and grandchildren! What more can one ask for. So far the transition is going well and Peggy always has been able to keep us calm. Just when I say to her I’m stressed, she has a way to make you feel better. I would not hesitate to give her name out to anyone looking for a dedicated and experienced person to take great care of them. Despite the distance we are from her and the office, Peggy always replied to us or someone from the office was able to help us. Peggy knows exactly what her customer(s) is looking for and researches as much as possible. She keeps on top of what is happening at all times. Donna, being her right hand woman does a great job in co-coordinating everything. The main thing I noticed was that by the time Donna got us back to the office, the offer was already typed out and we were ready to sit down and finalize things! WOW, talk about being pro active! However, things are not finished yet and we would be happy to continue our story.”

– Jan & Paul W.

“Initially we were a bit apprehensive about using the same agent for both the sale and purchase of our homes. Peggy and Donna quickly put our concerns to rest. They provided sound advice and integrity on both sides of the negotiation, making the process simple and stress-free. They earned our complete trust and closed a deal on the sale of our home that exceeded our expectations. I would happily recommend them to anyone requiring real estate services.”

– Craig